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Choral Music Performance Assessment Festival

By Derek Gilmour, 03/08/18, 12:15PM MST


On Tuesday (March 6th), the MHS Choir brought 5 choirs to OHS for the Choral Music Performance Assessment Festival. Our students represented our school and the choir program extremely well! If you see a choir student today, please take time to give them a huge congratulations. The results are the average between three judges. Anything above 90 pts is a superior rating. All choirs received a superior rating, as well as a plaque. 

Treble Choir: 91pts 

Trojan's Mens Choir: 96 pts 

The following choirs received the HIGHEST point of the entire festival: 

Madrigal Singers: 99.3 pts 

Varsity Women's Choir: 99.3 pts 

Varsity Singers: 98.5 pts 

Congratulations to all choir members!!! 

Derek Gilmour, MHC Choir Director